Terms of service is applicable to all the users using the website[ Ishigaki island real estate Weekly・Monthly ] managed by the company (Ishigaki island real estate Co.,Ltd). Using the website will be considered as an agreement on the terms of service.

According to the terms of service, stay within 25 days is defined as normal stay of bnb, stay of 25 days and over is defined as housing lease.

As a general rule, we will not accept any change or extension of stay after application.

The properties are only available for stay and residence, other purposes are not allowed.

The property is only available to the applicant and the guests mentioned in the application.

The applicants who apply for a stay of 25 days and over have to fill in an application and show the ID(we will take a copy of the ID). Address, name, contact details of all the tenants must be fiiled in the application form. The applicants have to check and agree with the terms of service and sign a contract. All the tenants must take responsibility for the contract. All the tenants’ ID are also required. The ID required must be the official identification with the photo(valid driver’s license・passport). If the application is not complete or the ID has not been checked until the day moving in, the contract will be considered invalid. The application would be rejected when the contract became invalid.

Accommodation fee is calculated on the basis of the fixed price of each property (Including bed and bedding rental)

We accept prepayment only. For monthly rental (stay of 25 days and over), the rent has to be paid in advance for the amount of a month. In the case of extending the stay, the payment must be completed 5 days before the extended stay starts.

Please note that the consumption tax will be added to the accommodation fee of the stay under 25 days.

We will charge the cleaning fee and accommodation fee before the tenants move in. Please note that the tenants have to pay for the damages, loss, stubborn stains happend during the stay.

In case the tenants do not return the key or the key get lost or damaged, the tenants have to pay 11,000 Yen per key.

Our staff or the house owner will enter the house on our own judgement in the following situation: Emergency, Losing contract with the tenants, House repair, Safety check. In addition, our staff will inspect the house regularly for crime prevention and security, Your kind cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

The tenants must obey the rules below. Please note that the contract will be cancelled immediately if the tenants violate the rules. (1).No pets allowed. ※Except Pet-friendly properties, service animails
(2).Do not annoy the neighbours and people living around, such as breaking the rule, making noise.
(3).Do not make the dish that can produce dense smoke and have strong smell.
(4).Do not change the fittings inside and outside the house and bring or take out any fixtures.
(5).Do not do illegal things.

Our properties are not available to gangsters or people who are up to the standard of gangster, such people are also prohibited from entering the house.Please note that the contract will be cancelled immediately if the tenants violate the rules and the tenants have to move out of the house.

Please note that we will not take responsibility for the loss of personal belongings in the building・room・parking lot, the damage of personal belongings caused by fire・theft・storm or flood・natural disaster. In addition, we will claim damages for the loss and damage of the facilities・equipment・amenities caused by the tanents.

Please note that we do not accept contact or enquiries from any third party.

If the tenants break any rule in the agreement or there is any false information in the application, the agreement will be terminated immediately.

The laws and local custom could be used as the additional regulations for the items that is not stipulated in the agreement. The special agreement made on the premise of observing the laws and local custom will be the first priority.

Users are not allowed to use all the contents of the website for any personal purpose without permission and extralegal things.

The ownership and intellectual property of the website belong to our company or the organization authorized by our company. The information, services, software, works, tangible goods on the website are protected by the Copyright Act and other related laws, any organization or person is not allowed to use, copy, adapt, change, translate, reproduce, distribute, release, transmit all the contents of the website without authorization. In addition, unauthorized transference, lending is illegal.

There are some information, works, guide, services posted on our website by other real estate agencies and trade, our company will not take any responsibility for those contents. we will consider that the user who access and use the service on the website agrees to the rules.

If any dispute happens when the user violate the rules, the user have to take responsibility and bear all the costs for dispute resolution. Besides, the user cannot cause any damage to our company or any third party during dispute resolution.

Utility charges and phone bill are included in the accommodation fee

We will charge all the accommodation fee for the cancellation made 1 week before the check-in. 50% of the accommodation fee will be charged as handling charge for the cancellation made 2 weeks before the check-in.

There are some advertisements posted by some third parties on our website, those advertisers are responsible for all the advertisements they posted. We cannot guarantee the authenticity and legality of the advertisements and we will not take any responsibility for the adertisements.

We can stop or suspend the service without notice and permit when any following situation happens.
(1)The maintenance and inspection(regular and emergency) of the equipment
(2)the trouble caused by irresistible causes such as earthquake, nutural disaster, fire, power cut,etc.
(3)Backup of the data used for the service
(4)Technical problem or software failure
(5)The damage of the equipment caused by accidents
(6)The user who is considered not suitable to use our service
(7)The situation that we have to stop or suspend the service
We will not take any responsibility for the damage and loss caused by above-mentioned situation

Our company does not have a duty to check the performance of other real estate agencies and trade which provide their information and services through our website. (also called other information providers)

Our company cannot guarantee the availability of properties posted by other information providers.

Our company cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information posted by other information providers. Our company shall not be responsible for the disputes related with the mentioned information except reason attributable to our company.

Unavailability of the services caused by natural disaster, overload of the network, mechanical trouble. Any loss of information or any out of date and wrong information left over after the information providers terminate cooperation with our company. The damage and loss caused by the falsification or disclosure of the information made by any third parties. Our company is not responsible for the above-mentioned trouble except reason attributable to our company. Similarly, our company shall not be responsible for any damage and loss caused by the software or hardware’s faults except reason attributable to our company.

In addition, any dispute between the users and any third parties on the website, our company shall be only responsible for the dispute which is attributable to us.
Users use the link on our website to access any third party’s website, Users access our website through the link on other websites.
Our company shall not be responsible for the websites of any third parties.

The company may make some changes(including addition・abridgment. ) to the rules without giving any advance notice.
The latest rules will be updated on the website, we will consider that the user who access and use the service on the website agrees to the updated rules.

About the management of the users’ personal information, please check the privacy policy on the website.

These rules are governed by Japanese law, Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these rules shall submit to the jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court at the first instance.