The website [ Ishigaki island real estate Weekly・Monthly ] managed by Ishigaki island real estate Co.,Ltd.
We respect the privacy of the customers who use our website, and we will manage the personal information of each customer carefully.

We will observe the law and the following [Privacy policy] to protect the personal information of the customer.

1.The purpose of using the personal information

1)The personal information provided by the guests will be used for the following purpose.
Every change of the use will be announced promptly.

(1)The conclusion of the contract related to stay, lease, agency, management. Services and after-service based on the contract.
(2)Asking for the information needed or Answering the enquiry, contact with customers, confirmation and supporting the customers.
(4)Holding a questionnaire or campaign, providing service and presenting commodities, accepting applications, sending presents, checking arrivals of the guests.
(5)Collecting reviews and questionnaires from the customers, contact with customers, confirmation.
(6)Backup for customer service.

2)The personal information collected by the following means will be only used for the above-mentioned purposes.

(1)Cookie and web beacon are used on our website in order to improve our service and collect the data. Those Cookie, web beacon and the account, IP address of the customer are managed by our company.
(2)There will be a URL attached with a parameter used to identify the customers in the e-mail sent for explaining our service. The personal information collected by the URL will be managed as browsing information of the customers.
(3)Otherwise we will collect the IP address and domain from the access log of the customers. The information collected will be used for the tendency analysis.

2.Personal information management

The personal information collected from the website will be managed in the following ways.
(1)The company will educate the staff for personal information protection regularly and manage the personal information of the customers strictly.
(2)The company will limit the number of the staff who can use the personal information of the customers to the fewest and the information will be managed in the environment that only the staff in charge can access.
(3)About the data transmission on the internet, the company will use the industry-standard SSL to ensure safety of the customers’ personal information.
(4)The company will observe the law and guideline related with personal information protection and improve the system of the company.

3.About providing the personal information to third parties・Sharing

1)The company will not send the personal information to any third parties without the customer’s agreement except the following situation.
Normally, we will provide the specified information to the specified receiver under the customer’s agreement.
But, we will provide the personal information to a third party without customer’s agreement in the following situation.

(1)The law allows to provide the information to a third party.
(2)A request made by a court, prosecutors’ office, police, layer’s association, consumer affairs center.
(3)To protect the customers and third parties’ personal safety, life, property. Some emergency that we cannot get the customer’s agreement immediately.

2)Following the item(1) of 「1.The purpose of using the personal information」, when we need to send the personal information of the customer to another contractor or a third party such as other real estate agency to keep the contract and provide after-service, we will request for the agreement from the customer.

3)When we need to share the personal information of the customer, we will follow the privacy policy and take other measures.

4)Sometimes we will change the personal information of the customer into unidentifiable data to provide for a third party.

4.Outsourcing the personal information management

Sometimes we will outsource part or all of the presonal information management to other companies.
In this situation, we will conclude a contract with the contractor and supervise the contractor.


1)The information needed for the service provision is posted on the website. If customer do not complete the information from, we cannot contract the customer and appropriate services will not be provided.

2)Customers have to take responsibility for that the information they provided is latest and correct, the company will not take any responsibility if the information does not match the reality.

3)In the case that customer provides the personal information to a contractor for selling or buying a property or use the personal information for house leasing privately. In addition, customer provides the personal information to a third party on our website privately. We will not take any responsibility if any trouble happens.

6. Revision of the privacy policy

The privacy policy might be revised irregularly.
We will update the revised privacy policy on the website immediately and the user will be considered to agree with it.

7.Personal information disclosure・correction・stop

On the website, the following request can be only made by user themself:
Disclose the personal information. Revise the personal information or add extra information by reason of false or insufficient information. Stop using the personal information because the information is used illegally or the information is obtained by dishonest methods. Stop information provision because the information is being provided to a third party illegally.

About disclosure of personal information, we may refuse to disclose customers’ personal information in the following situation: Disclosure may cause damage to customers or third parties’ lives, bodies, properties. Disclose may hinder the development of our business. Disclosure is illegal.

Otherwise, we may not be able to stop the use of personal information (the service) when It costs a lot of money to stop the service or in other difficult situation that we are unable to stop the service. But, we will take other suitable measure to protect users’ rights and interests.

8.Contact us

If you need information related to the management of the personal information, please contact us by Phone・FAX・Post・Email.

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