Select your desired property
Click the (book) button on the page of each property to access the booking page.
Easy online booking
Fill in the form with the customer information and payment information on the booking page and make a booking.
※ If you wish to 25 days or more of long-term stay, Otte will receive the guidance relating to the rental agreement from the responsible persons.
Accommodation fee will be charged from your credit card 2 weeks before you check in
We will charge the accommodation fee from your credit card 2 weeks before you check in.
The directions and house guide will be sent 1 week before you check in
We will send you the directions and house guide 1 week before you check in.
Check-in is from 3PM
Facility leave
Please check out before 10AM and keep the house clean in order not to cause inconvenience to the cleaner and the next guests.
Free for Deposit、Key money、Commission , and Utility charge is not required. Electricity、water、gas are ready-to-use when you move in. The rooms are equipped with furniture、home appliances and amenities, you just need to bring your personal things to stay.
It is available from 3 days. If you use more than 25 days, we will be connected a separate rental agreement.
So as to be able to start immediately life, necessary for everyday life, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, offers furniture of the bed or the like, and consumer electronics products available.
We will check the nearest house for you if you can give us the address of your workplace. You can contact us by phone or fill in the contact form.
We do not accept basically, is possible only if there is a vacancy.
Please contact us.
Available in credit card settlement. Up to 2 weeks prior to the settlement of the entry is required.
In case you wish to other methods, please contact us.
Send the invitation email one week prior to the entry. The key to handling and other facilities use rules, etc. will guide you.
For the extension, after the end of your usage period, if not already entered another reservation, you can support us. In that case, it will be re-contract is needed, please understand in advance. If there is a change of the period, please contact us as soon as possible.
If the house is available, basically you can move into the house after signing the contract, the check-in is 3PM. ※Please check the availability of the house from the page of each property and contact us.
Leave thank you to up to 00 minutes at 10 of the contract end date. ※ us between 10 am 00 minutes to 15 hours, 00 minutes to enter the room inspection.
Sending and receiving luggage needs to be done by customer self. Please schedule a delivery time and complete the procedure at the post office.
Compensation will be asked for the loss and damage of the key, except the wear and tear during normal use.
Each property is different, basically Wi-Fi is available. Please check the page of each property for the details.
Small pets are allowed in some properties, and additional deposit will be requested. Please contact us for the details. Besides pets are not allowed in other houses.