Tourism and business

The best partner for "living" on Ishigaki Island

Base for travel and stay
Ishigaki island is full of charm and character. You can use our properties as holiday villas to enjoy the vacation, or use the property as a base to travel around other islands.
Business use
Even in the short-term business trip, as well as a base for medium- and long-term stay, available as a wide range of business applications. Can accommodate from small to large number of people, you can also corporate contract as company housing.
For consideration before immigration
Migrating to Ishigaki island is not a decision that could be made easily, you might be worried about many things, but you can use our properties to experience the life in Ishigaki island and make the best decision.
New Property
Our Services
We can recommend weekly or monthly houses in Ishigaki island for you. There are many houses that can accommodate above 10 people, it is suitable for group trip or company trip. You can make a reservation on the website easily.
It explains how to use
Just choosing the house you like and making a reservation on the website, no more procedure needed. ※You have to sign a contract with us if your stay is above 1 month.